Latino Life on Screen

There will be no red carpets at the XicanIndie Filmfest XIV, but there will be a lot of films that slipped quietly under the radar of mainstream cinema, representing a range of insights into contemporary Latino life.

"The festival continues to provide a perspective that you will not find anywhere," says Tanya Mote of Su Teatro, which hosts the fest. "There are interesting and compelling stories, stripped down and provocative -- no big-time budgets. These films don't have any frills to get in the way of the storytelling."

Films span the United States and the Southern Hemisphere, with offerings from Mexico, Colombia, Peru and beyond. XicanIndie kicks off tonight (and runs through April 22) with a screening of Tocar y Luchar, Alberto Arvelo's documentary about the growing El Sistema movement, which teaches classical music to children as a tool for positive social change. Before the curtain comes up, Denver's own El Sistema choir, composed of students from Garden Place Elementary, will share the music and the mission.

Tickets are $6 to $8, with passes available for $35. Su Teatro is at 721 Santa Fe Drive; call 303-296-0219 or visit for more information.
April 19-22, 2012

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Laura Bond
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