LED Alert!

Downtown Denver, already an arts-and-culture hot spot this weekend, will welcome another new event tonight: Denver Digerati’s Friday Flash, with public motion-based art and animation screenings on the city’s jumbo LED screen at 14th and Champa streets. An outgrowth of some Create Denver projects that Plus Gallery’s Ivar Zeile (and associate Ryan Pattie) masterminded in collaboration with the city and the Denver Theatre District, Friday Flash will present changing programs throughout the summer for crowds communing on street corners under the stars.

That’s an experience as rare for Denver audiences as it is for the artists being showcased. “You can sense that it takes a long time to get noticed when you’re working in digital media, since the public doesn’t have any reference to it except online,” Zeile says. Also advantageous for both artists and audiences is the international scope of the project, which will bring a global online-art community to Denver.

Zeile is hopeful that the monthly event catches on with people looking for something different to do this summer. “What we’ve always set out to do is create some sort of new-media festival that’s not just for the art crowd, but for the public,” he says. “This is a way to tap into something that doesn’t require a broader knowledge and engagement with art. It’s something to be celebrated in public.” See

Friday Flash at 6 p.m. tonight; programs continue on August 9 and September 20, when the series will culminate with an unveiling of permanent works commissioned for the LED screen by the Theatre District. Admission is free; visit Zeile’s and Pattie’s Denver Digerati online platform at denverdigerati.com for more information.
Fri., May 24, 6 p.m.; Fri., June 14, 6 p.m.; Fri., July 12, 6 p.m.; Fri., Aug. 9, 6 p.m.; Fri., Sept. 20, 6 p.m., 2013

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