Leftover Yam Jam fashion: skiers and snowboarders face off

At the leftover Yam Jam on Friday, skiers and snowboarders alike gathered to face it off freestyle in a casual post-Thanksgiving competition. They were facing off against each other -- the skier and snowboarder events were separate -- but the real rivalry was, of course, between those who favor riding down a mountain on one surface and those who prefer two. And nowhere was that rivalry more apparent than in what they were wearing. We sent intrepid photographer Soren McCarty into the melee to get photos and talk to skiers and snowboarders about their mad stylez. He brought back this report.

Amber Parnow, 24, skier
"I'm wearing a Saga jacket and Sessions pants. I mainly look for clothes that are comfortable. I like them steezy, too. Skier fashion with the whole tight pants needs to die. Black is the new neon."
Melissa Riitano, 19, snowboarder
"I like Volcom clothing. It's really comfortable. I love Bern helmets -- it's fashionable to keep your noggin safe. It's sexy, too. I think snowboards rocking leather jackets and jeans is a lame trend. I want to see more creative styles without looking too forced."
Mike Perle, 16, snowboarder
"I like Volcom because they are the biggest company. I also like Quiksilver. Tight pants and tall tees need to go -- I like normal clothing on skiers and riders."
Andy Harris, 22, snowboarder
"I'm wearing Tech Nine. I like big clothes and like to look like a gansta. I think your gear needs to be steezy."
Xylo Stewart, 21, Skier
"I'm rocking a Salomon piece -- I got a killer deal on it, and I look pretty pimp in it, too. I think skiers should stop skiing like park rats and learn to carve. I also think more people should be hiking to earn their turns."

Forrest Miller, 22, snowboarder
"I'm wearing an Analog jacket with a Grateful Dead theme and Bonfire pants. I like anything nobody else has got; I like to keep it original. I hate tight pants and jeans. I like it baggy and comfortable.
Parks Thompson, 23, skier
"I like clothes a little baggy, but classy, too -- that's why I have a Ralph Lauren Polo vest and Sessions pants. I like the smaller companies, but want to see classic brands like Atomic make a comeback."
Sarah Downey, 21, snowboarder
"I have Nikkita pants, a Burton jacket and Vans boots. I like something that fits, is comfortable and looks good. The mustache needs to die; my friend looks like a child molester. Chick pants on dudes need to go away, too. I'd like to see more classic '80s-style one-pieces on the slopes."
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