Let the Zombie Games Begin

Will you be ready for the inevitable zombie apocalypse? If you need a little more practice taking down the undead, this weekend's Zombie Madness 4 is your chance to brush up. Grab an Airsoft gun (it’s like a BB gun that shoots plastic pellets), join a team and prepare for thirty hours of all-you-can-kill zombie fun. "For whatever reason, zombie games are really popular," says DMZ Airsoft co-owner Eric Kruger, "so we teamed up with a group in Loveland to do a zombie game."

DMZ has worked out multiple scenarios in which players can test their mettle, including special zombies and super zombies. Everyone gets a chance to be a zombie, too; after all, it never hurts to be prepared for the worst in case you do get turned. And while getting shot might sting, the games are perfectly safe. "The zombie events are more rough-and-tumble than the other events, because the zombies do have to pretend they're biting you," Kruger explains. "But for the zombie games, we've had no injuries."

Post Time Greyhound Park at 3701 North Nevada Avenue in Colorado Springs is the battleground; the zombie games start at dark today, but non-zombie games begin at 10 a.m. and are included in the $25 registration. The whole shebang runs through 6 p.m. tomorrow. To register or learn more of the rules, visit www.dmzairsoft.com or call 1-888-237-3407.
Sat., March 27, 10 a.m.; Sun., March 28, 2010

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