Let's Twist Again

Musical director Jason Yarcho and the cast of Wicked had grown tired of their regular fundraising efforts -- post-show collections, autographed posters, rock revues -- and they needed a new option. And as Yarcho drove from Arizona to Texas, the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack blasting, it came to him.

Six weeks into rehearsal for its own revival, the cast is putting its charity efforts toward Transsexual Transylvania in a company-staged performance of the cult musical. Dancers are now choreographers, orchestra members are singers, and crew members are cast members. To allow forty artists a raunchy run on stage, the show splits its talent across halves: Brad and Janet One and Brad and Janet Two. You're not just seeing the Wicked actors," Yarcho says. "You're seeing the entire company put something together out of nothing. And we're having a heck of a time doing it."

All net proceeds go to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and Project Angel Heart; in seven years of touring, this Wicked company has generated more than $2 million in donations. It's not entirely a coincidence that the Denver date lands during its charity season. "We've done performances in the past in Denver, and it has proven to be a generous market," says Steve Varon, company manager. "Plus, it's a fun one." The Wicked Rocky Horror Show plays tonight at 8 p.m. at the Ogden Theatre, 935 East Colfax Avenue. Tickets are $35 to $100; call 303-832-1874 or visit www.ogdentheatre.net.
Mon., April 23, 8 p.m., 2012

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Kelsey Whipple
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