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Lewis Black on socialism, Louis C.K. and the new NRA app

The most common byproduct of politics is high blood pressure, and no one experiences that kind of pre-stroke madness like standup comedian Lewis Black. With his shaky hands, bulging eyes and unbuttoned suit, Black often appears as an out-of-work schmuck who writes angry letters to the White House and TMZ. Thankfully, he has his regular "Back in Black" segment on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, along with a constant cycle of standup gigs and comedy specials, to keep his kettle from truly boiling over, saving us all from the wrath of his neck-bulging madness. Black will be delivering a set of his characteristic rants at the Ellie at the Denver Performing Arts Complex on Friday, January 18, and we recently caught up with him to discuss his views on the fiscal cliff, topical comedy and when being too angry on stage freaks people out.

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Josiah M. Hesse
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