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Light up at the 13 Lumens Candle Art Show

Eric Matelski is all about making art accessible to others, especially work by local and emerging artists, and the 13 Lumens Candle Art Show, which opens tonight with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Art Salon, isn't the first time he's taken this approach: reproduced art printed on the labels of Mexican veladoros (or prayer candles). But it is the first year he's subjected the show to a jury process, resulting in more than thirty designs from about twenty artists, all for sale at $10 apiece. And, sure, right in time for the holidays.

Why give someone an art candle? "Why shouldn't anybody have one?" notes Matelski, who croons their praises: "It's like a smaller version of the original art and a great way of promoting artists as a whole, in that it makes their artwork more accessible to people who might not be able to buy the original." And you have to admit: They do make a smart-looking accessory. Not to mention, they've been printed using green and recycled materials and soy inks. And you can't quibble with the price, which make them a number one stocking-stuffer on anyone's list.

Matelski is also excited to be collaborating with the Art Salon, 2219 East 21st Avenue, a cooperative gallery, glass studio and learning workshop, which will concurrently offer works by resident artists and designers during the opening. Food will be available from Mikes 2 Kitchen and Breckenridge Brewery, too, and that sounds like a party.

13 Lumens (which, BTW, stands for the amount of visible light typically produced by a candle) continues through December 23 for your holiday shopping pleasure. For more information visit the Facebook event page.

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