Like hiking 14ers? Show your support with a sticker

Dig climbing Colorado's storied 14,000-foot peaks? You aren't alone: 500,000 people attempt to bag one of our 58 high-country monarchs every year. But those mountains just don't take care of themselves -- each year, groups like the Colorado 14er Initiative and Colorado Mountain Club put in days of trail work to keep the peaks clean, safe, and beautiful.

If you'd like to help contribute to preserving our 14ers without, y'know, actually picking up a shovel or a Pulaski, you can always do what the politically outspoken have done for years: buy a sticker. The Colorado-based 14erstickers.com has created a unique screenprinted 2 x 2 sticker of each and every 14er, from Blanca to Windom.

The stickers will set you back three bucks, but 30 cents goes to 14er restoration (they should probably pony up more, but that's a start). If even on-fifth of aspiring 14er climbers bought one, that'd amount to a cool $30K for our hometown mountains (about $517 a mountain).

The idea is that you buy a sticker for each 14er you've completed, but climbers who've successfully completed all 58 can save some dough and just get the 12 x 3- inch Fourteener Finisher bumper sticker. It's only $6, and it be a great way to fool everyone you know into believing you'd already summitted them all. Way easier than actually climbing them, anyway.

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