Like us, @Garfield loves donuts and dieting

Simply put, Garfield is our spirit animal. Obsessed with sleeping, averse to Mondays and, like us, addicted to dieting, this cat embodies everything we are in cartoon form. He even has those stoney, medical marijuana eyes and a creepy perma-grin that makes him almost look like a true Colorado native. If this cartoon cat wore yoga pants, he would be us. Only cooler. Two words: Yes please. We might love donuts more than Garfield loves lasagna, and that's saying a lot. In fact, we clearly remember waiting in a car line for at least four hours during the grand opening of the Park Meadows Krispy Kreme all those years ago. Garfield would have been so proud. Urban Dictionary defines Cattitude as "of or pertaining to the finicky and egotistical attitude/nature a cat may portray. Catty and sassy all at once." Yup, that's us, exactly. And like Garfield says here, he really doesn't need your shit. So keep your cattitude to yourself. Or something. Hey! That looks strangely like the schedule we try to keep. Except on Mondays, when the world can just piss off. Who knew we had so much in common with a cartoon cat?

We also hate Mondays to a bizarre extent, and we tweet about it! Follow @WestwordCulture right now!

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