Linkalicious: What Cat's Reading August 3

So Cat seems to have a shoe fetish this week. All she wants to look at or read about are shoes. Maybe it's time to buy a Lotto ticket, because the Wall Street Journal rewarded Cat's singlemindedness with an article about women and their heels.

The general gist: What shoes do you wear when you need to be bad ass?

Here are a few quotes:

The American Podiatric Medical Association, 77% of women wear heels to special occasions, which probably explains why Zappos still sells more designer heels than flats, at a substantial ratio of 65-35.

Still, feeling put-together as well as three inches taller can do wonders for the confidence -- if you can still walk. Dorothy Crenshaw donned multicolored suede Ferragamo pumps with three-inch heels to tackle an ornery automotive-company CEO who was firing her communications firm a few years back. Usually she's concerned about comfort. But that day, "I said, 'I'll be damned if I'm going to meet this man in flats or chunky heels," says Ms. Crenshaw, president of Stanton Crenshaw Communications in New York.

So what are your power pumps?

Cat doesn't want any bows or ruffles or anything flouncy on hers. Probably not even wedges. Just pure unadaulterated power in three inches. Maybe these Chanel d'Orsay pumps for fall ($510 from

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