Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

Don't laugh. Right now I'm wearing a rubber mouse nose that's been lying around my room forever. Today it just feels…appropriate. As a means of communing with my inner Furry, this plastic appendage seems like a step in the right direction. Maybe you're more juiced-in than I, but you're probably asking yourself: What in the hell is a Furry? For a "Mundane" (a non-Furry, that is), that's a pretty fair question. According to Wikipedia, "Furry fandom is a subculture distinguished by its enjoyment of anthropomorphic animal characters." So if you really (really!) liked Ice Age or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or your first crush was on leg-warmer-wearing Sonja from the Catillac Cats, then you'd better get those foxtails ready, because Rocky Mountain FurCon starts today at the Adam's Mark Hotel, 1550 Court Place.

Expect everything from artists displaying their stylized, human-like lions and tigers and bears to an improv comedy night, a campfire-themed story hour with free hot cocoa and a dance party every evening through Sunday. In addition to specific events, you'll want to check out the attendees themselves. Be prepared for a zoo of costume-wearing Furries ranging from your basic ears-and-a-tail to mascot-like fur suits to full-body paint and everything in between. "When it comes to Furries, you can be whatever you want to be," says Furry Brandyn Christensen. "I personally know two otters and a dragon."

Tickets range from $50 to $1,500 (depending on sponsorship level). For more information, hop, crawl or slither over to
June 1-3

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