Living Canvas

Yes, you could go to the Denver Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver or Santa Fe Drive for your fine-art fix. But wouldn’t you rather include some live, scantily clad women? After all, what’s better than going out for a night of the ol’ bump-and-grind at Wish Nightclub, 511 West Colfax Avenue, only to find barely dressed models being painted up and down like lions and tigers and billboards? (Oh, my!) “That’s the beauty of body art,” says Wish owner Kevin Larson. “The sky’s the limit. Your imagination is the limit of what you can create. Sometimes the artist even adds things like feathers and jewels to make it a mixed-media project.” For tonight’s Body Art Festival, “they’ll be using airbrush, paintbrush, and one is even using a marker,” he explains. “The artists will work all over the club at the same time. It’s a competition to see who can come up with the coolest and craziest idea.”

With nine artists and fifteen models, it’s sure to keep your drunken ass stimulated. Prizes are based on creativity and quality and include cash, bottle service and gift packages. Ad-mission to the fest is free. For more information, go to
Sat., Nov. 29, 2008

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Mark Dragotta

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