Llloyd Kavich, creator of The Sink's murals, left a tasty legacy

The Sink on the Hill in Boulder is as iconic for its floor-to-ceiling murals and signature-filled ceilings as it is for its burgers and beer. The artist who created those murals, Llloyd Kavich, passed away last week.

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Kavich died on October 17 in Santa Barbara. But his work lives on at The Sink.

Kavich painted the original murals in 1952, but they were covered up when The Sink briefly became Herbie's Deli in the '80s. When space again became The Sink in 1989, Kavich returned to restore his murals and add on new ones. He also helped with renovations in 1995. In fact, Kavich did all of the artwork you can see today at The Sink, from the giant homage to Robert Redford (a past employee) to the iconic angel and devil over the entrance. All the murals have an absurdist, cartoony feel, and capture everything from college life and Boulder realities to crazy creatures and painted pipes that match the real ones running through the restaurant. While the Sink is famous for a number of reasons (President Barack Obama's visit, Robert Redford's tenure, the great bar) the art that Kavich may be our favorite aspect of this unique spot.

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