Local actor Royce Wood's campaign to get on Fox's new series, The Magicians

When local actor Royce Wood saw an announcement last week that Lev Grossman's fantasy novel The Magicians was in development to become a Fox television show, he knew he wanted to be a part of it. "How on earth do I get from here, Denver, Colorado, to you know, the top level casting agency in L.A.?" Wood wondered. "The only thing I could think of was the Internet." That's how Royce Wood is Quentin Coldwater, his blog campaign to get the part as the lead in the show, began.

Wood plans to post a series of videos with dialogue lifted from the book to show potential casting agents that he deserves an audition; the series follows a group of college-aged kids who attend a secret school for magic. "I understand that this is not the normal way to get this done," explains Wood. Normally, actors have to hire agents, who then arrange an audition with the casting agents. "But I don't have these traditional resources," says Wood, "so I'm just doing what I can do within my power."

Wood says people can follow the blog and share it with "anyone they know who they think might know someone who might know someone who might know someone who's involved. Pass it along...At the very least, I'll have some fun and make some funny videos."

Until you see him on Fox, visit Wood's blog to follow his journey to The Magicians, or go to the Bovine Metropolis Theater and the new Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, where he performs regularly.

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