Look of the Day - Matt and Jamie

Move over, Brangelina! Peace, out, Zac and Vanessa!

Denver’s got its own version of the Entertainment Power Couple in the form of this delicious duo now appearing in Conundrum Production’s Contrived Ending. Jamie Ann Romero stars alongside her real-life love interest, Matt Mueller, in this Breakfast Club-inspired coming-of-age story by Denver playwright, Josh Hartwell. (They’re so cute, I just wanna bash their heads in.) The only problem is, Denver stages pay just a little bit less than major Hollywood studios. No matter. With help of a few trendy little, thrifty spots, Matt and Jamie are able to look like the up and coming A-listers they are until their big budget ship comes in.

“Forever 21 is my best friend,” says Romero. “I mean, it’s not like their clothes are going to last for years, or anything. But they’re cute now. Right?”

Right! And who wants to be wearing the same thing next year, anyway? Fashion trends, like Hollywood love affairs, seem to come and go rather quickly. But I’m sure Denver love affairs are more like diamonds or argyle. They’ll last forever. So no worries, you crazy kids. No worries.

On Him: Pants: Levi’s 511 Skinny Tie: Calvin Klein Corduroy Jacket: Heritage 1981 (Brother Store to Forever 21) Smouldering Glare: Inspired by Details magazine

On Her: Skirt: Gap Blouse: Forever 21 Necklace: A one-of-a-kind creation made by Jamie Ann, herself. (Crafty little thing, isn’t she?) Million Watt Smile: Genetic Jackpot

Contrived Ending ends its run at the Buntport Theatre this Saturday, March 15th. For last chance tickets, call 303-601-2640.

- Steven J. Burge

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