Look of the Day - Rayann

Though fall colors are normally laid to rest when spring has sprung, sometimes Mother Nature comes down with a touch of schizophrenia and makes it snow on May 1st. When this happens, one is faced with a dilemma: Stay warm and wear fall clothes and autumn hues for unexpected weather? Or throw caution to the unseasonable wind and freeze to death in a crocus-colored springtime frock?

Hmm. What to do… What to do…

Here’s a sassy little candid of our Sales Sweetheart, Rayann, making a mad dash for the front door in the more practical of the two ensemble options. “This is cashmere! It’s bad enough I’m wearing brown on May Day! Does it have to snow on my brown cashmere on May Day?!”

Good question, Rayann. But a better question might be, “Where is your coat, dear?”

“It’s spring, Steve!” she snaps, giving a little snowflake-shunning shimmy when she’s safely inside. “I don’t need a coat. Now, go get me some hot chocolate. I’ll be in the bathroom blow-drying my hair under that hand-drier thingy. Brrr!!!”

Anything for you, love. And happy May Day.

Cashmere Blouse from Saks Fifth Avenue Trousers from Nordstrom Shoes from Charlotte Russe Beads from Pandora’s Box

- Steven J. Burge

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