Look of the Day - Sean's Converse Sneakers

Though Converse sneakers are certainly an obligatory staple in the modern day hipster’s uniform, they have been around since the early 20th century and boast a rich and interesting history. According to Wikipedia, the Converse sneaker was born in 1908 when would-be founder, Marquis M. Converse, “fell down a flight of steps in Malden, Massachusetts, injuring both him and his pet donkey, Seabiscuit.”

Apparently, not wanting anyone else to fall on his ass (HAH!!! I’m hilarious), Mr. Converse came up with the idea of rubber-soled shoes to prevent people from slipping. Now, one hundred years later, Converse sneakers can still be found on the feet of everyone from sports stars to rock stars and have even appeared on Paris runways in high-end fashion shows. (They’re like the Jimmy Choos of footwear. Wait…)

Our web editor, Sean, designed this pair of Converse hightops himself by using the aptly titled “Design Your Own” feature on their website. His are chocolate-brown leather with off-white rubber trim and off-white laces, but the possibilities are as numerous and varied as the feet that wear them. Sean also got a cute new haircut to go with his cute new shoes, but he’s being all shy and whatnot, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Design your own pair of Converse sneakers at

- Steven J. Burge

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