Look of the Day - The Empty Cubicle

Every day Westword receptionist Steve Burge gives you the fashionable view from the front desk.

Notice the lonely chair, the forsaken computer, the inactive telephone. These are all accessories to the latest trend seen sweeping the Westword halls… a look we’re calling “Cubicle Contagion.” Everyone is showing it off. No department here is without a model. For the few people who haven’t embraced the latest look, it’s only a matter of time. What I’m saying is… it’s a ghost town in here. We’re suffering from some plague or something. Have you seen the movie Outbreak? Dawn of the Dead? Moulin Rouge? Yeah… Don’t come down here unless you absolutely need to. I’m not kidding. If you do, come Monday your cubicle will be empty. And this is one look I’m sure you don’t want to adopt.

Next up: The return of the S.A.R.S. Mask.

- Steve Burge

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