Lost and found: Denver skyline spray-paint/airbrush art by Mizu

Artists, it's always a good idea to sign your work -- and in this day and age, when you can include a website on the piece, all the better. Case in point: a square-foot piece of art we found on a busy Denver street this past weekend. It was only because the artist had thoughtfully included a link to his Etsy site, which in turn provided his phone number, that we were able to track him down and attempt to solve the mystery of what this bad-ass piece of art was doing leaning against an electrical box outside of a popular restaurant.

"I painted that a couple of years ago," Mizu says of the spray-painted/air-brushed stylized Denver skyline. (The date on the back of the piece is 2010.) "I probably sold it for $20, $30, something like that."

But Mizu has no idea how the painting found its way to the spot where we picked it up; it was left leaning against a wall, as if waiting for someone to come along and give it a new home. "My best guess is maybe someone got evicted and couldn't take it with them; maybe a landlord or someone didn't want to throw it away and put it somewhere that someone would find it," he hazards.

Does this work of art belong to you? Tell us in the comments below where we picked it up, and we'll do our best to reunite it with its true owner. And check out www.etsy.com/shop/mizuarts for more work by Mizu, including another city skyline like this one, among other tripped-out offerings.

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