Lynne Bruning Wins International Design Award

Lynne Bruning, Denver's favorite avant garde fashion designer, is best known for her Wookie coats. Those giant faux fur confections that give you super magical powers when you wear one. (Cat knows: She wore the hot pink Wookie to Rockbar the other night, and it caused quite the commotion.) Plus, there's her skirt made entirely of keys -- which looks v. hot on the male models she shows it on -- and all of her glamorous hand-woven gowns (see this year's Summer Guide for a sample).

But this month she was crowed with a major international award: first place in the "Transgression and Transformation Fashion Show" at the Surface Design Association's annual conference. The best part? The show was judged by Melissa Leventon, the author of Artwear: Fashion and Anti-Fashion.

Surface Design is all about creating interesting and innovative textiles and bringing them to the attention of the art and design communities. That is completely Lynne's forte. For the "Day Glo Weave" dress she presented, for example, she wove the fabric out of surveyor’s line from Home Depot. As a result, it looks just smashing under black light.

Congratulations, Ms. Lynne.

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