"Make your own legends" -- or just enjoy someone else's -- at the Adventure Film Fest this weekend

In this week's Westword, I wrote about the Adventure Film Festival in Boulder this weekend (and the tragic death of AFF founder Jonny Copp in an avalanche earlier this year).

The AFF has a full schedule of great films this weekend -- including First Ascent: Point of No Return, a new National Geographic episode documenting the deaths of Copp, climbing partner Micah Dash and cameraman Wade Johnson on western China's Mount Edgar. But to truly honor Copp's life and DIY do-or-die spirit, don't miss the AFF Filmmaker Workshop on Saturday at 11am.

Many of the filmmakers in town for the fest will be on hand to share their experience and expertise with aspiring adventure auteurs, and to remind attendees that it doesn't take much to get started in this age of pocket-sized HD cameras and laptop editing suites. As the AFF's own slogan enthuses, get out there and "make your own legends."

Lesson one: Consider making some legends about something other than climbing avalanche-prone 21,712 foot peaks nobody has ever climbed before. Those ones occasionally end badly, even for the very best of us. May you rest in peace, Jonny Copp, and may your adventurous spirit live on.

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