Marching Om

This year, Samadhi Center for Yoga, 639 East 19th Avenue, will be celebrating nine years of being -- and it will be bigger than ever, incorporating the Satya Institute. “We have a couple of healing rooms, a great big space for more yoga classes and special events, which focus on some yoga, but really a lot of healing and spiritual stuff,” explains Samadhi founder Annie Freedom. “We really want to empower people to learn how to heal themselves and give them tools and a place to come where they can learn these tools.

“An even bigger piece of that is to have a really strong community,” Freedom adds. “Knowing that we're safe and loved and we can hang out and connect with other human beings ― I think it's a really important thing.”

To celebrate, Samadhi will host the Grand Opening Love and Healing Festival today from 2 to 5 p.m., followed by a kirtan concert. “All of our healers will be offering their services by donation,” Freedom says. “We have psychics, massage, reiki, a gal who does facials, and all kinds of really wonderful stuff -- and all the donations we collect go to our Seva Fund. We're going to use that money to feed the homeless.”

The festival is free to attend, and the suggested donation for the kirtan concert (7 to 9 p.m.) is $5 to $15. “Kirtan uses songs that are thousands of years old using the Sanskrit language,” Freedom notes. “Every single word has a power to it and carries an energy. It lets love flow through your whole being. To me, that's just pretty good stuff.” Call 303-860-YOGA or visit
Sat., Feb. 12, 2011

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