Marley and Me

Comedian Bob Marley — an Irish guy from Maine — hears "real zingers" all the time about how he should come out in a dreadlocked wig at his gigs and impersonate the dead reggae singer, and he wisely chooses to ignore them. "It's kind of ridiculous that I don't do any jokes about it," he says. "It was my dad's name. He had no idea who Bob Marley was."

But after fifteen years in comedy — he's made more than 100 television appearances, including the entire late-night talk-show circuit, and he's working on a half-hour special for Comedy Central — Bob Marley the comedian has made a name for himself, especially among the truckers he helps keep awake at four in the morning via satellite radio. "Oddly enough, when I hear myself come on, I change the channel."

Catch Marley's insights on everyday life today through Saturday at the Comedy Works. "Stuff happens; I write it down. It's usually stuff that pisses me off, but my nature is pretty easygoing, so I can't complain, like Lewis Black does. I usually make light of it."

Lately he's been on a weather kick. And after last winter, Denverites should appreciate his observations on digging his wife's spinning tires out of the snow. "I don't care how much you love that person in the driver's seat," he says. "When they roll down that window and their big, fat, dumb head comes out, it's, like, the biggest, dumbest head you've ever seen, lips flapping: 'Did you get it out?'"

The Comedy Works is at 1226 15th Street; the show starts at 8 p.m. For tickets — $25 tonight, $30 Friday and Saturday — and showtimes, go to
Oct. 12-14, 2007

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