Meals That Heal

THURS, 10/28

So it's a Thursday night, and you've got some extra green burning a hole in your pocket. What is there to do? Well, if you're in a culinary frame of mind, you can drop that dough at the Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen dinner and fundraiser for Children's Hospital being hosted at 6 p.m. tonight by the Young Fund (Young Professionals Supporting the Children's Hospital Foundation) at the Oxford Hotel, 1600 17th Street.

And what -- other than good karma -- do you get for your green? How about drinks, hors d'oeuvres and a multi-course, wine-paired dinner that's prepared live on stage by some of Denver's hottest young chefs? Ruben Herrera from Tamayo will be handling the little plates, followed by flights of apps, entrees and desserts put together by Eric Roeder, Duy Pham, Sheila Lucero, Jamey Fader, Stephen Vice, Tyler Wiard, Goose Sorenson, Brandon Engel, Matt Selby and Troy Guard, all of them working together on a very small stage with the potential for fire, fistfights and high-wire culinary brinksmanship very high.

Tickets are $125 individually, or two grand for a whole table. Sure, that's a lot of money, but it's for a good cause -- and if nothing else, with so many chefs in the kitchen, the food promises to be worth every dime. For information or to purchase tickets in advance, check out the Young Fund website at or call Stacy Carpenter at 303-623-1832. -- Jason Sheehan

Red, White and Booze
TUES, 11/2

"Share the pain" is the unofficial motto of tonight's I Voted Concert at the Bluebird Theater, 3317 East Colfax Avenue. Regardless of which lever you pulled, an "I Voted" sticker will get you in free to the all-ages event, which really goes head-to-head as two oversized Kerry and Bush papier-mâché noggins duke it out while televised results are shown. DJs Alisha, Bobby Collins and Y-Lee will spin the way to victory with patriotic performances from Get Your Going, George & Caplin and Bop Skizzum. There will also be plenty of drink specials for those over 21. "If things don't go your way, at least you can get drunk," says Ashley Vinson, who will host the night with GerRee Hinshaw. "Now that you're done votin', start tokin'. Oh, wait -- that's a different kind of party." Doors open at 7 p.m. For information, go to or call 303-322-2308. -- Kity Ironton

Midway of Mayhem
Monster Bash unchains a hip Hallow-scene
SAT, 10/30

In search of some chic shrieks this Halloween?

Andenken Gallery is unleashing its first Monster Bash Haunted Carnival tonight, and it might just be the hippest haunt of the season. Scaring up a creepy new twist on the traditional carnival concept, the all-ages Monster Bash promises more goof than gore, with haunted peep shows, beheaded portraits, a Kiss 'n' Slap booth, and Scary-oke in the cellar with demonic DJs Mr. Bombpop and Frederic Gentry. "There are a lot of events that use whatever holiday it is as an excuse to have another hip-hop party or another electroclash affair," says Monster Bash's Andrew Novick. "We wanted to have a Halloween party that actually celebrates Halloween."

Like any good boo-fest, Monster Bash includes a purse ($200) for the best costume. Phantasmal patrons are also encouraged to enter a spooky-dessert competition, where the winner will walk off with fifty bones.

The delightful fright commences at 9 p.m. at Andenken Gallery and Design, 2110 Market Street. Admission is $10 in advance ($20 at the door) and snags each goblin ten midway tickets and three drink tickets for those over 21. For information or to buy tickets, go to -- Kity Ironton

See the Light
Workshop targets narcissism

Mary Jo Fay has spent the last year looking for the root of jerkiness -- those personality traits that lead some men to wreak emotional havoc on the women in their lives. The former nurse and divorced mother recently published When Your Perfect Partner Goes Perfectly Wrong, an exploration of Narcissist Personality Disorder, which Fay links to behaviors like egotism, possessiveness and negativity.

"Narcissism is often under-reported and under-recognized. Our culture celebrates it. Look at Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, the Enron scandal. There's narcissism at work in all of it," she says.

From her home in Parker, Fay runs support groups and workshops as the founder of Out of the Boxx Inc., and her writings on narcissism have appeared in psychological and nursing trade publications. From Friday, November 5, through Sunday, November 7, she hosts the first-ever conference on the subject, When Your Perfect Partner Goes Perfectly Wrong -- Now What? Helping Victims of Narcissistic Relationship Become Survivors, at the Red Lion Hotel, 4040 Quebec Street. Therapists, speakers and "survivors" will convene to demystify the disorder and support those touched by it.

"A lot of women feel like they've been wandering around in the dark," Fay says. "But there are choices they can make to change their lives. It's sort of like, 'Know thy enemy.'"

For registration information, visit, or call 303-841-7691. -- Laura Bond

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