Memeblogs: The definitive list of lolcats, cake wrecks and morons with signs

First there were blogs, wherein people would opine about stupid subjects. Then there were Internet memes, which involved people sharing stupid subjects with web-buddies (think "The Tron Guy" and local hero Leeeeroy Jeeeenkins!) Now there are memeblogs, a perfect union of the two.

How do we know such things? As the Denver Egotist first reported, local designer Jamie Perkins has launched "The Definitive List of Memeblogs," aka a blog about the meme of memeblogs, aka a meta-memeblog. Stupid subjects will never be the same.

The site catalogues some gems, such as passive-aggressive notes, awkward family photos and, of course, the inimitable lolcats.

The list is still fairly small right now, but you can help change that by submitting your own memeblogs. What's your favorite collection of stupidity? Who knows, maybe your suggestion will rise to the level of Photoshop FAILs, Ghetto Red Hotness and crappy taxidermy. Then we'll reward you with a big ol' cheezburger.

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