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Menage adult night at the Jet Hotel is an arousing success

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This event had an excellent turnout -- the club was packed -- and not just with the Hot Topic crowd. There were folks of all ages, genders and orientations, as well as a dearth of wallflowers. There was also ample security to keep things running smoothly, which at a lifestyle event is a definite bonus.

A common myth among the uninitiated is that these type of parties are free-for-alls with no rules, guidelines or boundaries, and that it's okay to whip out your junk and touch/goggle/snog anyone you like at any time. It isn't. No means no, and if someone is uncomfortable or creeped out, then security takes care of it quick, fast and in a hurry. All adult parties have etiquette, many have strict rules, and generally the organizers try to encourage couples and single females to attend, but try to limit the amount of single males in attendance out of necessity, as events like this could easily turn into "sausage-fests" where single men significantly outnumber ladies.

My companion and I made a few social rounds, and then organizer Tara led us up the elevator to the suite on the fourth floor. The door to the suite was flanked with security -- big, beefy guys that should not be fucked with -- and she explained the suite rules. It was important but fairly standard stuff about not touching without permission, being tolerant of others or being gone, and staying safe. We walked into a wonderland of soft music, scented candles, a huge bed, plenty of chairs and an outdoor balcony area with tables and really big windows.

Guests are allowed to be sexy and do the bump and grind downstairs, but upstairs clothing is optional. It's a place to see and be seen doing whatever you please with consenting partners, and there was much new friend-making and delicious carousing going down.

I parked it on the patio to observe and report, while my female friend found a new man-friend. They managed to perform an extraordinary feat: a rousing game of hide-my-new-man-friend's-appendage-in-my-mouth on the freezing cold balcony. It was a very chilly night, but mad props to them for completing their outdoor task with ease and poise.

Sante strolled back and forth from downstairs to the suite, socializing with everyone, and I laughed so hard I almost choked when he met me out on the patio and made an awesome movie reference: "It's good to be the king..."

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