Menswear: Jomar White spotted on 17th Avenue and Logan Street

Yellow is a hard color to pull off, but we managed to find someone doing it well on a brisk March day in Denver. Meet Jomar White, a state of Colorado project manager we spotted in Uptown. Read on to find out what inspires his fashionable menswear, his favorite accessory, and his style mantra.

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Name: Jomar White

Spotted at: 17th Avenue and Logan Street.

Profession: I work as a project manager for the Colorado Department of Human Services.

2014 jam:"Ancient Curse" by Peter Bjorn & John. It's an awesome break-up song.

Favorite film: In the Mood for Love, by Richard Linklater.

Style inspirations/ icons: A French designer named Olivier Theyskens, who does big coats with tiny legs coming out the bottom; that silhouette was popular in the nineteenth century. Even guys wore big cloaks. Architecture is a big point of inspiration for me, and so is urbanity as a whole.

Favorite accessory: Scarves, especially in the wintertime. If my neck is cold, everything else is cold.

Favorite color: Yellow.

Style mantra: Is that thing on the floor clean? I've spent a lot of time making sure my wardrobe coordinates in terms of color-casts so it works together. But it's mostly about what is clean right now, at the moment.

Shops at: I love going to Bloomingdale's. Zara is fun and inexpensive. I love Barney's New York. I have to stay away from there because I get into trouble.

"I love work-wear," says White. But his work-wear can include heavy-duty flannels with front pockets, essentially shirt jackets. Work-wear can also be Timberland boots, Carhartt or Doc Martens.

Stay on-point with your menswear, Denver, and you could be spotted for your style, too.

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