Menswear Mondays: Artist Marc Huebert on his high art and laid-back style

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For many artists, fashion can be an extension of their personal vision. Others dress minimally, so that their art can speak volumes. Local painter Marc Huebert falls into this latter category. Read on to learn how his street art plays a role in his street fashion, and to peep some of his works of art around the city.

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Huebert suffers for his art -- literally. Here he sports a blackened fingernail, the result of a ladder accident while painting. These black-and-gray Vans sneakers are a staple, says Huebert: "They skate right out the box." Huebert's style reflects the skateboard decks he studied as a kid; he has painted and designed decks.

Continue reading for photos of Marc Huebert's artwork.

Although Huebert was bag-less the day we spotted him on the street, he offered to show us what type of stuff he carries with him on the go. Here we have a spread that includes a paintbrush with white paint; a lighter with paint; black shades; his "grit" case, which is also his favorite accessory; a transparent baggie of green MMJ, and a flier for Lowbrow's second birthday party/custom toy show at 7 p.m. on June 7. Huebert's work is currently on display at Lowbrow, in an installation called Hungry Thugs that's on display until June 6.

A native of Colorado Springs, Huebert says that "Denver has its own style. There is the big-city aspect, but it is still mountaineer and sporty. Denver is pretty cool."

This rooster piece is on the side of Don's Club Tavern at East Sixth Avenue. Huebert used two black jumbo paint pens from Lowbrow to complete the project, which he did freehand instead of using a projector. This piece of art is titled "Lindsey Lohan Needs a Haircut" and is one of two paintings for sale at the Clinic dispensary, right next to Don's Club Tavern. Contact the artist at marchuebert@gmail.com if you'd like to purchase an original piece. This is the other piece on view at the Clinic. Huebert's art includes a spectrum of subjects, from thuggish hooligans to giant roosters to abstract marijuana. He does not limit himself when it comes to art, and paints on both brick buildings and canvas, among other mediums.

Style analysis: Huebert keeps his street style simple: black shorts, Vans and a baby-blue, short-sleeved button-up shirt. The look is crisp, clean and relaxed, comfortable enough that Huebert can focus on both his street and fine art. The items that he keeps with him reveal how his life and art are complementary.

Always allow your lifestyle to feed your art, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.