Menswear Mondays: Digital designer Anthony Price on his fall fashion

Leather and denim are staples of autumn. This week we spotted that look being sported by student Anthony Price. Keep reading to learn where he shops, his style mantra and his favorite accessory.

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Name: Anthony "Tony" Price.

Spotted at:17th and California streets.

Profession: I study digital design at UCD.

Favorite film: Stand By Me is my favorite childhood movie.

2013 jam: Active Child's song "When Your Love is Safe."

Style inspirations/icons: I pull my inspiration from anything that I see and I like.

Favorite accessory: I appreciate every accessory for what they do. I wear all of them. I like my septum ring. Glasses. I keep a hat on my head if I don't like my hair. I try to always have on one ring.

Favorite color: I like gray.

Style mantra: I don't leave the house if I don't feel confident. Put on something you like so people don't get the wrong impression of you.

Shops at: Urban Outfitters and Gilt.com.

This watch is a find from the Kenneth Cole outlet store in Castle Rock. "I try to find the beauty in the minimal," Price says. Price's black leather bag is a gift from an old girlfriend. Let's see what items he carries with him on this fall day's journey. Inside we find three skeleton keys, a notebook, a sketch book, a box of colored pencils, lip balm, a gray lighter and a cigarette case. There are also accessories on deck, including a black Vans snap-back and black aviator sunglasses that show Price really does love his accessories.

Style analysis: Price displays how street style can be a reflection of personal interests. His gray denim jeans and even his lighter and the pattern in his sweater are all his favorite color. The leather bag contains all of his artistic tools and matches his leather boots and jacket. His minimal approach allows accessories like his watch to stand out with this weather-conscious layered look.

Always leave the house feeling confident, Denver.

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