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Menswear Mondays: DJ Roberto DeJesus on his eccentric fashion

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While Labor Day has come and gone, stylish menswear remains on the streets year round. This week we spotted local DJ and retail worker Roberto DeJesus, who has a different take on traditional fashion. Read here to learn where he shops at, what his style mantra is, and which style icons he looks up to.

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Name: Roberto DeJesus.

Spotted at: 18th Avenue and Logan Street

Profession: I work at H&M, Pac Sun, and I also DJ under the name Love the Bassex. Check out his Sound Cloud here.

Favorite film: A Christmas Story. My grandmother showed it to me when I was in 6th grade and it reminds me of childhood.

2013 jam: A$AP Ferg's song "Work."

Style inspirations/icons: New York is one of them. It is full of so many different styles that can be amazing. Pharrell Williams is a person who I think, hands down, has one of the coolest styles. Another person whose style I admire is Lady Gaga. I love her courage and self-identity. She puts together a well constructed chaos that is consistently avant-garde. She does her own thing in the middle of pop-culture. Korean and Asian culture are interesting too.

Favorite accessory: Watches. Not too many people tend not to wear watches anymore. A watch will always pull the outfit together.

Favorite color: I used to like purple, but now it's red. I like to wear red in moderation though.

Style mantra: Are you prepared to make a first impression? I want to stand out with my outfit because people see that before they even know me.

Shops at: Yesstyle.com and karmaloop.com are two online store that I love. When I'm in New York I like to go shopping down by Greenwood Village or Soho. I like the Divided Gray label at H&M, and the stores Zara and Forever 21 are good too.

A Gotham, NYC native, DeJesus accessorizes with two gold necklaces: one of a rabbit and the other of a triangular shape.

"A watch is always useful and it's never too flashy," says DeJesus on his favorite accessory. He received this one as a gift from his father, and pairs it with a bracelet to create an "arm party" or a strong focus on arm accessories.

This collection of character key-chains are DeJesus' tribute to his fashion icon Pharrell Williams, who has a similarly decorated key-ring. DeJesus takes something that is normal and makes it interesting and fun by doing this.

Style analysis: DeJesus marches to the beat of his own tune quite literally as he DJs with strong fashion sense. Two of his fashion icons are musicians who explore avant-garde fashion possibilities in their work, and DeJesus takes similar fashion risks. He shops in New York, which is one of his fashion inspirations and also online for a well-rounded fashion perspective. The collection of characters: be it key-chains or golden bunny charms, make him stand out in the narrative of his own life where fashion and music work in tandem to form identity.

Always allow your musical taste to match your fashion taste, Denver.

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