Menswear Mondays: Dustin Wilson at Zombie Crawl

With all of the zombie-themed events over the weekend, it was easy to get caught up in the undead, especially at the annual Zombie Crawl. While studying the crowd, we spotted a reflective silver outfit worn by Colorado A-Team Productions owner Dustin Wilson. Keep reading to learn his style mantra, 2013 jam and the origins of his special suit.

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Name: Dustin J. Wilson.

Spotted at: 16th and Arapahoe streets during the Zombie Crawl.

Profession:Owner of Colorado A-Team productions.

Favorite film: Rad or Better Off Dead. Really, any old-school '80s films.

2013 jam: Anything that Loo & Placido play. Two albums of theirs I like are Retro Future Shockand Electronic Popstar Killers.

Style inspirations/icons: International relationships. My best friend, Carson, inspires my style, and my friends in Europe named Loo & Placido, too.

Favorite accessory: My headphones are my favorite accessory. Music can bring you up when you are in a bad mood. With my headphones on, I can just relax and book out everything.

Favorite color: Either yellow or green.

Style mantra: It's a quote from a song by Loo & Placido, which is "I'm bigger and I'm badder, bolder, rougher and tougher, there is no other."

Shops at: Various locations, but mostly online. I'm not really into brand names. As long as it looks good, I'll wear it.

Wilson was carrying this portable speaker featuring the date of the Zombie Crawl and Loo & Placido's Norad show on it. Of his other-worldly outfit, Wilson says, "I made it for international parties we are involved in. It cost about $600 to make and a week of work. People love it."



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While Wilson choose to showcase a more positive, blood-free menswear outfit at the Zombie Crawl, there were plenty of other sinister looks stalking the streets -- like these two men who chose to remain anonymous. Their satanic looks were among the creepiest and most disturbing because of their realistic details.

Style analysis: The 2013 Zombie Crawl became a platform for all creatives to see and be seen. Wilson proves that music plays a critical role in his street style with his style inspiration, 2013 jam and style mantra all reflecting his favorite artists, Loo & Placido. Headphones are even his favorite accessory; they keep him focused and enlightened when the going gets tough. Music provides the soundtrack for his profession, his lifestyle and his and street fashion.

Always allow music to inspire your fashion, Denver.

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