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Menswear Mondays: Editor Ryan Chase on his layered look

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Men's fashion is starting to transition from summer to autumn. For proof, look no further than Ryan Chase, an editor we spotted rocking a cool look on Capitol Hill this week. Keep reading to learn about his style inspirations, where he shops and what his fashion mantra is.

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Name: Ryan Chase.

Spotted at: 14th and Sherman streets; in front of the Capitol building.

Profession: I'm an editor; I have a junior editor position for a college services firm in Aurora.

2013 jam: Roy Buchanan's "Troubles."

Favorite film: Annie Hall.

Style inspirations/icons: I don't know if anything inspires my look; it's more of a practical thing. I just sort of think of what i want to wear that day.

Favorite color: Red.

Favorite accessory: Sandals.

Style mantra: There really isn't a paradigm to it. I just look at what I have and then pick something out.

Shops at: I shop at Etsy.com; other than that, there is not a particular store I go to; I sort of just look around.

A Pennsylvania native, Chase uses an athletic duffle bag that happens to have his favorite color as an accent. These sandals are Chase's favorite accessory. Here he shows the only way to pull off socks and sandals -- with long Nike socks and slip-on shoes. This style of footwear is reminiscent of 1990s menswear in hip-hop culture.

Style analysis: Although Chase does not cite many style inspirations, they are revealed subtly through his street fashion. We spotted him listening to his iPod and the rock-and-roll blues of Roy Buchanan. Along with his Jimi Hendrix graphic tee and hip-hop shoe display, it shows how critical music is to Chase's style. The glasses and button-up beneath the graphic tee show his editor side.

Don't be afraid to combine your musical inspirations with your fashion sense, Denver.

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