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Menswear Mondays: Graphic designer Vladimir Von shares his DIY style

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While temperatures were certainly frigid this past weekend, some people managed to remain stylish even in this cruel climate. One was Vladimir Von, a graphic designer from California who uses buttons, studs and patches to create his own look. Keep reading to find out what music Von is into, where he shops, and why he will always be a punk kid at heart. See also: -Menswear Mondays: Poet Kirkland James -What's in your bag? Rock-inspired menswear and more! -What's in your bag? Microphones, lapel pins and more with Don Champion Name: Vladimir Von.

Spotted at: 16th and Glenarm streets.

Profession: I do tech support for a company, and also some graphic design.

2013 jam: Twin Shadow's Forgotten album. Also, anything by this artist named Boombox as well.

Favorite film: City of God. I also love a lot of kung fu and Japanese films as well.

Favorite accessory: My snake bracelet.

Style icons/ inspirations: Robert Smith and Billy Corgan are both really cool. I love my '80s icons. I wouldn't want to exist in that time, but it was a fun time for androgyny.

Favorite color: Red.

Style mantra: It really depends on how I feel. My style can range from gypsy to punk rock to professional. It all varies according to my mood.

Shops at: H&M, thrift stores -- all over, really. I don't really have a favorite store, but I pick and choose what items I like from all over.

Von's black newspaper boy cap is augmented by a string of buttons. One has a pair of lips, another looks like a spider web, another has an illustration of the droogs from A Clockwork Orange, and there's also a portrait of artist Frida Kahlo. Von moved to Colorado Springs from California, where he received his associate's degree. He came to Denver two years ago, and says he loves the change. Here he shows his unusual necklace, which features a rock he found.

Check out more of Vladimir Von's style on page 2!

This is his favorite accessory, a snake-shaped bracelet that slithers around his wrist. "An old friend gave it to me a while ago. We have reconnected since then, and I love to wear it with mostly everything," says Von. This is a patch that Von placed on his bag. What does he keep inside? "Just work stuff and a hair comb," he says. While on some days he may wear a button-up shirt for a more professional look, Von admits that "I'll always be a dirty punk kid at heart. Even if my appearance says otherwise. That's what I grew up with."

Style analysis: Even in the most brutal weather, personal style can keep you hot. Von adds punk-inspired details to his outfit: silver studs on the lapel and cuffs of his toggle coat, a row of buttons on his hat, a patch on his bag, even the singular, gun-shaped earring he made. In tandem with his black work boots, those eclectic accessories make his ensemble as exciting as high-voltage electricity. Likewise, he transforms otherwise normal items into customized pieces. In the process, Von remains honest to his character and is a dirty punk kid at heart, showcasing his DIY punk sensibilities.

Always be true to the kid in yourself, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.