Menswear Mondays: Musician Traveon Rippetoe on his '90s style

Even as the weather gets colder, fashionable Denverites do not keep their style under wraps. We recently spotted the energetic menswear of musician Traveon Rippetoe, who takes fashion cues from the 1990s. Continue reading to learn where he shops, why the '90s mean so much to him, and his style mantra.

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Name:Traveon Rippetoe.

Spotted at: Broadway and Cheyenne Place.

Profession: I'm an artist. I make music.

2013 jam: Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon."

Favorite film: Pink Flamingos. I love John Waters.

Style inspirations/icons: I'm inspired by the '90s. I love the hair, the shoes, the clothes. I'm rocking the "Gumby" hairstyle, and I just relate with the 1990s era of fashion.

Favorite accessory: Hats, no, sunglasses.

Favorite color: It's a toss-up between green and red.

Style mantra: I'm going to look fierce, bitch.

Shops at: Swap meets, H&M sometimes -- it just depends on how much cash flow I have. Compton Mart is a place that has good values. I got this whole outfit there for under eighty dollars.

"Tribal prints are in, and so are letterman jackets and red leather," says Rippetoe of the trends he has observed this season. His tribal-printed polo is definitely trendy. Mixing patterns is one way to inject modernity into timeless, traditional menswear. "Remember to cuff your pants for fall," advises Rippetoe. Here he is rocking some Nike sneakers that match his letterman jacket.

Style analysis: Rippetoe's style looks like a throwback from the 1990s, but the details in his ensemble show how he is pushing the fashion into present-day. Mixing patterns is a big trend for fall right now, as is nostalgia for the '90s. Rippetoe looks like a winner in his letterman jacket that was a steal from Compton Mart. He buys plenty of his style with his modest budget -- but his attitude can help pull off any outfit.

Always have the right attitude with your fashion, Denver.

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