Menswear Mondays: Old Major host Connery Charon on his summer fashion

Sometimes street style can be subtle, while at other times it is over-the-top. When we spotted him downtown, Connery Charon's style was an unusual mix of both. Keep reading to learn his style mantra, where he shops, and his favorite accessory. See also: -Menswear Mondays: Student Cole Ritter on his hip hop-inspired style -Menswear Mondays: Mime Joseph Temple on his theatrical fashion -Menswear Mondays: student Rajiv Clark on his custom-punk style Name: Connery Charon.

Spotted at: 15th and Court streets.

Profession: Head host at Old Major restaurant.

Favorite film: Lost in Translation.

2013 jam: Tina Turner's "Nutbush City Limits."

Style inspirations/icons: Anything eastern European, and also island, tropical wear mixed with European wear.

Favorite color: Dark blue.

Favorite accessory: My septum nose ring. I've had it for four months now.

Style mantra: Aw, fuck it.

Shops at: Buffalo Exchange and Top Shop online.

The large brown bag is great for a weekend or a work day. Charon uses it for both. Charon's T-shirt was designed by Erik Foss Avarice in a tribute to September 11, 2011. His black boots stand out when paired with shorts -- especially on a blazing summer day.

Style analysis: Charon paints a subtle style with the gray tones in his shirt and shorts. His accessories -- including a brown bag, black aviator shades and black suede boots -- make a strong statment. Even though he's a Denver native, his laid-back, nonchalant style for summer has echoes of eastern Europe.

Don't be afraid to take fashion advice from other cultures, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.