Menswear Mondays: Organic Bling designer Graham Bandt-Law on his jewelry and fashion

Graham Bandt-Law is a fashion designer based out of Oakland, California, with his own line of jewelry called Organic Bling. We recently ran into him while he was visiting Denver and talked to him about his style inspirations, style mantra, and awesome accessories.

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Name: Graham Bandt-Law.

Spotted at: East Colfax Avenue and Washington Street.

Profession: I have my company, Organic Bling. I am a custom goldsmith and jewelry artist.

Favorite film: Fight Club " It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything," is one of my favorite lines.

2014 jam:It's hard to pick just one favorite song but I am loving what the Soulection record label is doing worldwide. They have the sound of tomorrow.

Style inspirations/icons: I draw inspiration heavily from many things: my art is the physical manifestation of my life experience, my interactions with people, and the things I see in my head.

Favorite accessory: Whatever is hanging on my chain.

Favorite color: Purple.

Style mantra: Be more boss.

Shops at: A combination of thrift stores, Diamond Supply CO, Akomplice and Sav Noir.

The pendants that Bandt-Law creates are constructed using luxurious materials like diamonds, sapphires, and yellow gold, among others. He calls them artifacts of the future and they have titles like Building Temples on the Moon, which makes one think these accessories are from another planet.

Style analysis: Bandt-Law channels all of his inspiration and interactions with people into a final product: Organic Bling. He wears his own jewelry collection, a pendant, and pairs it with a Storm Trooper tee and grey tones to allow his stellar accessory to shine. Bandt-Law allows his fashion to take a backseat to his accessories, which showcase his talent.

Always showcase your talent with your fashion, Denver.

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