Menswear Mondays: Pianist and composer Pudgy Swollen on his spacey style

The sun was shining over the weekend, and those who weren't joining in the American Ninja Warrior hijinks in Civic Center Park were catching rays in other parts of the city. One of them was local pianist and composer Pudgy Swollen, who we spotted playing a piano on the 16th Street Mall. Read here to learn about his intergalactic pants, what publication inspires his look, and what kinds of tips he earns playing the piano.

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Name: Pudgy Swollen. That's my artist name.

Spotted at: 16th and Stout, playing the piano.

Profession: I'm an artist and musician. I play the piano and compose music. I also like to tickle people's brains.

Favorite film: American Beauty.

2013 jam: "Hitchin' a Ride" by Green Day.

Style inspirations/icons: CombiChrist, which is an industrial dance band I like a bunch. Westword is inspiring. too; I love to read the magazine and become inspired by all of the cool events going on in town.

Favorite accessory: Cigarettes.

Favorite color: Orange.

Style mantra: Man, this hot shower is awesome. Once I take a shower, I can get my day going and that motivates me.

Shops at: The women's section at the Goodwill. I also shop at Forever 21 and even Walmart sometimes.

These galaxy-printed pants were a gift from a friend. "I think my friend bought them for me at Forever 21, from the women's section," Swollen says. A self-taught pianist, Swollen has been playing since he was young and continues to practice on the 16th Street Mall, where pianos were put out earlier this month as an art piece. "I accept cheeseburgers and hot n' spicy McChickens as tips," Swollen explains. We spotted him eating a few sliders courtesy of The Sliderman that he'd earned for playing his tunes.

Style analysis: While many men absorb the early rays of summer, they generally rock the standard shorts and tees. Pudgy Swollen is a trendsetter who isn't afraid to stray from that uniform, sporting a pair of trousers from the women's section. Paired with a striped hoodie, the galaxy-printed pants look out of this world. Swollen's skills as a pianist earn him snacks and tips, showing that Denver is receptive to both talent and fun new styles. He reaches for the stars, both musically and fashionably, and reaps rewards of taking such risks.

Always dress like you're from another planet, Denver.

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