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Menswear Mondays: Sales representative Samuel Schuler on his winter fashion

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The start of a new year means new styles emerging on the streets. Last week we spotted a well-put together look from Wisconsin native Samuel Schuler, who was visiting Denver. Read here to learn where he shops, who inspires his style, and his favorite accessory.

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Name: Samuel Schuler.

Spotted at: Colfax and Pearl street.

Profession: I'm an inside sales representative for a truck and bicycle company.

Favorite film: The Shawshank Redemption. That's just a great movie.

2014 jam: "Lost" by Frank Ocean.

Style inspirations/icons: My mom and sister own a boutique, so they always try to keep me fashion-forward. Even though they only sell ladies' clothes at the shop, they love to shop for me at other places. They keep me fitted. I don't really look up to any celebrities for style inspiration.

Favorite color: Red.

Favorite accessory: Sunglasses. I only have four or five pairs, but I don't have many other accessories.

Style mantra: Be comfortable without looking lounge-like. I can't go to the bar in pajamas, but I try to look good and feel good.

Shops at: Karmaloop.com, or else anywhere I like. Shopbop is a place that my aunt owns that recently added menswear.

Go to page two to discover more about Schuler's street-style!

This is a Christmas present from Schuler's mother: a tribal-printed cream cardigan with red eagle detailing. "It's cold in Wisconsin, so I stay warm in heavy sweaters and sweatpants," says Schuler. Timberland boots have always been popular, but last year they were a definite trend in Denver -- and they'll continue to be one in 2014. "I have worn these boots every day since middle school," says Schuler of his footwear. This is the classic model, Timberland's six-inch premium waterproof boot. These boots are often referred to as "Tims" or "butters" due to their wheatlike color.

Style analysis: Schuler exemplifies the potential that menswear street style will have in 2014. He creates an ensemble factoring many elements into consideration: the climate of his hometown and Denver, the influence of his family, and his personal favorites -- like his everlasting Timberland boots and wood-grain shades. The effect is both sophisticated and hip, because it combines street-wear staples like Timberland boots with elegant knitwear. Most of all, it reflects Schuler himself.

In 2014, always allow your street-style to reflect your personality, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.