Menswear Mondays: Student Jason Giving on his Korean inspired look

Menswear has been back to school, now that the fall semester is in full swing on the Auraria campus. We spotted University of Colorado at Denver student Jason Giving waiting in a long line of students, where he was a standout with his leather shoes and coral-colored pants. Keep reading to learn which country inspires his style, where he shops and what his favorite accessory is. See also: -Menswear Mondays: Student Cole Ritter on his hip hop-inspired style -Menswear Mondays: Old Major host Connery Charon on his summer fashion -Menswear Mondays: Mime Joseph Temple on his theatrical fashion Name: Jason Giving.

Spotted at: Waiting in line for an ID at the Tivoli Student Union on the Auraria Campus.

Profession: I'm studying architecture at University of Colorado at Denver.

Favorite film: Forrest Gump because it's funny and touching at the same time.

2013 jam: Of Monsters and Men's "Little Talks."

Style inspirations/icons: No one really inspires my style.

Favorite accessory: Hats, I have about forty.

Favorite color: Blue.

Style mantra: What is going to be comfortable and look good today?

Shops at: Everywhere. is good online, and I like H&M, too.

Giving's watch is paired with a rubber-band bracelet that says "Fat Tuesday," referencing Mardi Gras. "These are handmade leather shoes from Korea," he says. "I was out there for two years in 2010 to 2012. Some of the style from out there has influenced my style."

Style analysis: While many roam the hallways in this back-to-school season, only a select few do so in style. Giving displays how to pull off colored pants with his coral trousers and white button-up. The neutral tones of brown accessories -- the shades, hat, shoes and bag -- all form a nice contrast to his colorful bottoms.

Always remember to offset the pop of color with neutral tones, Denver.

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