Menswear Mondays: Turntablist Ulysses Gonzalez at the American Crew All-Star Challenge

On Sunday night, American Crew held a men's hair professionals' competition at the Infinity Park Event Center in Glendale. We spotted a DJ from New Mexico in the chic audience; keep reading to learn about the style of Ulysses Gonzalez, his favorite accessories, where he shops, and who inspires his look.

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Name: Ulysses Gonzalez.

Spotted at: Infinity Park Events Center, 4400 East Kentucky Avenue in Glendale.

Profession: I'm a turntablist.

Favorite film:The Shining. This film captures everything that Stanley Kubrick wanted to achieve in his career. He was finally making the films he wanted to.

2013 jam: Otis Redding's "(Sittin' on) the Dock of the Bay."

Style inspirations/icons: Tupac and Kanye West inspire my style. Arizona, too.

Favorite color: Jungle green.

Favorite accessory: A necklace with my nephew on it. I don't have it with me now because it's glass and cracks on everything. I get it fixed every two weeks.

Style mantra: I would be caught dead wearing this. I dress like today is my last day. I can be caught dead in any of my outfits, because any outfit can be my last outfit. I make each one unique for that reason.

Shops at: I compile looks and shop online and in stores. I love Adidas. I'm into anything that has to do with hip-hop and skater styles. I found my hat online at

"In China, 2013 is the year of the snake. It's very prominent in fashion. Adidas made this track jacket in collaboration with another designer," says Gonzalez of his red jacket.

Style analysis: "Cholo-hipster" is how Gonzalez describes his personal style, because he grew up with a cholo style but it evolved with modern times to look more hipster. He balances hip-hop and skater styles with his red look, complete with limited-edition, all-over-snake-print track jacket and pants. His weed-fashion snap-back hat says Mile High on the back, nodding to Denver, although Gonzalez is from New Mexico. The look is fun and reflects Gonzalez's transition from cholo to hipster.

Always allow your fashion to match your personal evolution, Denver.

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