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Meow Wolf Will Open in Las Vegas a Year Before Denver

On January 4, Meow Wolf announced that it had chosen Denver for a massive, five-story, $50-million project slated to open in 2020. But Meow Wolf Vegas has a 2019 opening date.
A rendering of Meow Wolf Las Vegas@AREA15.
A rendering of Meow Wolf Las Vegas@AREA15. Meow Wolf
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Meow Wolf, the ten-year-old arts collective that created such a hit with its House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, spent much of 2017 scouting locations for a second, even bigger immersive experience. Austin, Las Vegas and Denver were all on the short list; on January 4, Meow Wolf announced that it had chosen Denver for a massive five-story, $50 million project slated to open in 2020.

But while Denver was the focus of that initial reveal, it looks like a second Meow Wolf will actually open in another city first.

On January 18, Meow Wolf announced that it had made a deal to create Meow Wolf Las Vegas@AREA15 in a 166,000-square-foot project being developed by Fisher Brothers and Beneville Studios out of New York City. AREA15 “weaves together immersive experiences, themed events, art installations, workshops, pop ups, restaurants, bars and nightlife," according to Meow Wolf, which will take 50,000 square feet in the development — 40,000 of it for exhibits.

"We are thrilled to be bringing a new Meow Wolf experience to Las Vegas! The last few years have been so much fun – developing a love and connection to this sensational city and laying the groundwork for another new permanent exhibition. More details to come!" Meow Wolf pronounces on its website...which is already selling $1,000 tickets for the 2019 grand opening in Las Vegas.

But then, you can already buy tickets to the anticipated Meow Wolf Denver opening in 2020, as well as a lifetime pass to the project in the heart of the Mile High City. There are other ways to become a part of the project, too; Meow Wolf has been talking to local artists, and plans to hire at least 150 people for the Denver project.

"We're going to spend the money well, on the most awesome creatives," Vince Kadlubek, a founder of Meow Wolf, promised on the eve of the Denver announcement. "We're getting ready to move."

Find out how to get involved in Meow Wolf Denver here.
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