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Reader: People Are Ridiculous With Their Self-Righteous Bigotry

Mile High Comics owner Chuck Rozanski watches the action as Bettie Pages.
Mile High Comics owner Chuck Rozanski watches the action as Bettie Pages. Michael Emery Hecker
On Sunday, September 29, Mile High Comics hosted its monthly Drag for All Ages show. Outside the world-famous comic-book warehouse, protesters and counter-protesters came dressed for a fight.

Mile High Comics owner and event co-founder Chuck Rozanski came dressed, too: as his alter-ego Bettie Pages. He recognizes the importance of drag, and expressed frustration with both the protesters and their opponents, because the conflict detracted from the event's focus on supporting LGBTQ youth.

But the controversy continues in reader comments of our coverage. Says Rose: 
I grew up with Flip Wilson, Milton Berle and other vaudeville-style cross-dressing performers on TV regularly! People are being ridiculous with their self-righteous bigotry!
Responds Max: 
The left just love using children as props for their agendas. Propaganda at its finest these days.
Asks Lisa:
 Wondering if those protesting this as overly sexualized have the same issue with child pageantry?
Comments Aaron: 
But of course they had to protest, because this country is still balls deep in Judeo-Christian puritanical ideology. I mean, they are losing people to oppress day by day. They no longer are socially allowed to murder entire swaths of people based upon things like homosexuality or creed or region, so now they protest because they truly believe that it's their business what others do, and without hating they have no idea what to do with themselves.

I really, really hate modern evangelicals...
Responds Lora: 
Hey now, not ALL of us Christians are like this! What these people did is disgusting and they need to learn love and acceptance! That's what Jesus would have done! He shows love, NOT hate!
Replies Zachary:
 It's amazing to me that it's the year 2019 and some people still believe in fairytales and all-powerful men in the sky. Incredible.
Notes Sco: 
Both sides exercised their rights to protest and free speech while being non-violent.
And Eric concludes: 
In my day a drag race was something completely different.
Protesters claim Drag for All Ages introduces children to sexual themes that are not age-appropriate and criticize the fact that young people perform in the shows. But the claim that the event isn't family-friendly is wrong, Rozanski explains. In creating their acts, all of the artists are told they cannot do anything that would be unacceptable for a performance at a public school.

Volunteers with the activist group Parasol Patrol stood alongside Rozanski, creating a barrier between those coming to see the show and the loud protesters — whose comments were occasionally graphic and obscene.
Still, families made it through, and the show did go on.

What do you think of Drag for all Ages? Post a comment or email your thoughts to [email protected] And see our slideshow of the protests outside Mile High Comics here.
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