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MileHiCon Turns a Fantastic Fifty

MileHiCon 50 lands at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center October 19 through 21.
MileHiCon 50 lands at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center October 19 through 21. Danielle Lirette

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4. The Largest Sci-Fi/Fantasy Art Show in Colorado
Each year, the best in local, regional and national fantasy and science-fiction artists come to MileHiCon to show off and sell their inspirations. Whether it’s an original oil or a wistful watercolor or a perfect numbered print, your walls will be happier adorned with these works of awesome art.

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Danielle Lirette
5. Critter Crunch
Look, everyone loves robots. Robbie the Robot, R2D2, Johnny 5, Iron Giant, Wall-E, Baymax... every modern era has its robot-buddy to represent it. But here’s the question: Can you build a robot that will utterly destroy any other robot in gladiatorial combat? That’s the challenge for the Critter Crunch — and if you emerge victorious, a nifty trophy and bragging rights are yours. To the winner go the very nerdy spoils!

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Danielle Lirette
6. Round-the-Clock Gaming
If you haven’t played a session of Dungeons & Dragons that’s lasted long into the wee hours of the morning — high on Doritos and Mountain Dew, of course, until no one you’re with can communicate anymore outside of box text, laughter and Monty Python quotes — then you haven’t really gamed, my friend. MileHiCon is here, brothers and sisters, to bring you into the ranks of the role-playing anointed.

7. Cosplay Contest
What convention these days would be complete without a mention of the amazing creativity on display through the costuming hobbies of fandom? Dress up, or just marvel at the efforts of those who have. And don’t forget the contest — good for all ages, supportive of experienced costumers and newcomers alike.

Danielle Lirette
8. Mass Author Autograph Session
Saturday sees a significant sensation of scribblers, all authors of note gathered together to sign their books, shake some hands and meet their fans. More than sixty favorite authors will participate — and in this day and age of not even being able to take a free celebrity snapshot at most conventions, this coming together of novelists doesn’t carry any extra fees whatsoever. Not for the signings, not for the photos, not for the meetings — it’s just pure fandom, free for all.
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