Missoni fans buy out Target stores, break Internet

If you didn't hear, Missoni went all out for Target yesterday, dropping its well-anticipated line of clothing and housewares in stores and online. But then Missoni fans bum-rushed Targets all over America -- subsequently crashing the retailer's website, too -- and the stuff was gone. We wandered down to the Target in Glendale today to survey the damage -- but it was like Missoni never happened.

An employee (who asked not to be identified) said by the location's 8 a.m. opening yesterday, the line of rabid Missoni fans went around the building. She said fitting rooms were the busiest they've ever been -- which also probably benefited from the store's recent and continuing remodel.

"Supposedly, we're getting another shipment in," said a weary store manager, who also asked not to be identified. She relayed that the hot commodity was, of course, the clothing line, but that the store is expecting more Missoni housewares, if anything. Basically, its like any retail trend or hot item that has come before -- the people on the sales level know as much the public does, so your best bet is to keep checking back.

For now, the store is leaving the trademark Missoni zig-zag-patterned signage up, in case more items do come in. If you make a stop the store, don't let the overstuffed racks of clothes under the signs fool you -- Target has smartly used the space for its own brands, like Xhiliaration.

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