Molina Speaks
Molina Speaks

Molina Speaks experiments with the Future of Human Touch

Rapper, author, philosopher, activist, community organizer -- those are just some of the many hats that Molina Speaks wears on a daily basis. But for tomorrow night's interactive event, Future of Human Touch, he is an experiment facilitator. And what is the experiment, exactly? "In a very safe way, people are invited to participate in a human ritual," says Molina.

This human ritual, which incorporates the knowledge, presence and performance of musicians, poets, astrologers, politically active minds and those involved in the healing arts, will come together at Redline Gallery beginning at 7:30 p.m. this Thursday, April 5.

"This event is inspired by the fact that the next decade or so of human experience will be greatly driven by mystical energy," explains Molina. "There is a lot of space for creativity and new insights -- but also addiction, illusion and confusion."

After the success of Beyond Occupy: An MLK Dialogue for 2012, another community-connecting project Molina was an integral part of this past January, Redline Gallery asked him to create another event based on its current exhibit, The Human Touch. And so the Future of Human Touch was born, as Molina tapped a collage of artists, healers and educators to create an experience like none other.

The roster of those involved include members of the Black Actors Guild; Wheelchair Sports Camp MC Kalyn Heffernan; poets Stephanie Tanny, Lucifury and Ken Arkind, dancers about Sarah Shavel and Eutimia Cruz Montoya; and cosmetologist Ramon Gabrieloff-Parish; Molina says he reached out to all the community contacts he has made through his own work for this special project.

Molina Speaks experiments with the Future of Human Touch

"Some mystery is part of the point," Molina says. "We really want people to just come and be open-minded; they can expect to be entertained, but it's beyond entertainment. The point is for people to leave with more questions than answers."

The Future of Human Touch goes down tomorrow evening at Redline Gallery from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.; it's open to anyone sixteen and up for a suggested $5 donation. For more information, visit the Future of Human Touch on Facebook.

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