Mondo waves Jamaican flag for repeat win on Project Runway All Stars

It was World War III last night onProject Runway All Stars as the designers competed to see who could create the best national flag-inspired outfit. Each contestant was to take on a nation that represented a "major world region," but some of the countries wound up looking somewhat obscure.

Mondo got to pick his flag/nation first, as a reward for winning last week's Broadway challenge, and he chose Jamaica. He then chose Michael to go next; he picked Greece. Mila decided on the flag of Papua New Guinea, Austin chose the Seychelles, and Kenley went last, going for the Chilean flag.

While at Mood, all of the designers made some obvious fabric choices to create fashions inspired by their flag. Except for Kenley, although the polka-dot fabric she chose was an obvious Kenley choice, so her colleagues could have dropped the confused looks. They should have saved those for Austin's thin mustache/soldier hat combo that made him look like he was fighting for the Confederacy.

Back in the work room, everyone was focused on Kenley's look. Michael said it best: "I've never seen a polka-dot flag before, but I guess the state of Kenley Collins has polka-dot flags." But Michael would have been better served focusing on his own designs: As time went on, his dress looked more and more like it was being made for a beauty pageant. "This isn't greased lightning, it's Greece frighting...all she needs now is a crown and she could possibly win Miss World 2011," said Mondo, speaking for the whole group.

Once the looks hit the runway, it was every country for itself.

Michael: Long, drapey white dress with crystals and blue ribbon bow on the shoulder with a very low back and high slit.

Mondo: Long black dress that was low in the back, with a green and yellow strip down the back.

Austin: Blue, white and yellow flowy, drapey long dress.

Mila: Half black, half red dress with the black side short and the red side long.

Jerrell: Green sari top over a black and gold strapless dress.

Kenley: White and blue polka-dot, long-sleeve top with a high neck over skirt over a red and white striped, ruffled skirt.

As there were only six designers, no one was declared "safe" this week. Michael, Kenley and Mondo were given the highest scores -- but that didn't stop the judges from picking on Michael for his pageant vibe and on Kenley for her constant use of polka dots. They declared Mondo the winner for the second week in a row.

Austin, Jerrell and Mila had the lowest scores. The judges took issue with Austin's messy draping and thought Jerrell's look said "Indian barbie." But in the end, it was Mila's dress that "screamed Communism" to Isaac that was declared the worst, and Mila was sent home.

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