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Month of Photography: Must-See Solos, Small Shows and Alternative Spaces

Richard Alden Peterson, "David Byrne"
Richard Alden Peterson, "David Byrne" Richard Alden Peterson, Curtis Arts and Humanities Center

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click to enlarge Penelope Umbrico, "Adams with Grunge IntensePeach Pop SplitScreen and Lightleak," digital c-print, 2014. - DAVID B. SMITH GALLERY
Penelope Umbrico, "Adams with Grunge IntensePeach Pop SplitScreen and Lightleak," digital c-print, 2014.
David B. Smith Gallery
Penelope Umbrico, Moving Mountains and Range: Of Masters of Photography
David B. Smith Gallery
March 10 through April 15
Opening reception: 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, March 10

Brooklyn photographer Penelope Umbrico begins with found imagery by masters of landscape from online and print archives for the works being exhibited at David B. Smith: Once she’s got them, Umbrico re-photographs and manipulates them using myriad filters available on iPhone apps, changing forever the visual stability of mountains in their natural form.
Photo by Tya Alisa Anthony
Tya Anthony: Skins
Leon Gallery
March 11 through April 8
Opening reception, 7 to 11 p.m. Saturday, March 11

Tya Anthony’s powerful portraiture follows themes of race, identity and culture in themed installations like They Still Live, which combined genetic testing findings and artifacts from the Paul Hamilton African Art Collection to create unique images of Denver-area people of color, and The Art of Being Natural, another portrait project in collaboration with the black lifestyle promoter Colorado Urban Naturals. Skins carries on that tradition with a series dedicated to portraying the whole person, free of societal trappings and moving through time.
click to enlarge Michael Garlington, "Willem in Paper Armor." - MICHAEL GARLINGTON
Michael Garlington, "Willem in Paper Armor."
Michael Garlington
Michael Garlington, Horror & Wonder
March 11 through June 10
Opening Reception: 7 to 11 p.m. March 11

Multi-disciplinary artist Michael Garlington applies a DIY mentality and a freewheeling Northern Californian eye to create everything from monumental Burning Man totems to counterculture portraits he calls “photo-sculptures.” Few artists have traveled the U.S. and Europe in a photo-covered van or built temporary temples to photographic imagery, but Garlington has, and he'll now create an installation for The Art of Burning Man, opening in June at the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, Virginia. See his crossover works at Processus, which will also celebrate MoP with workshops and two artist slideshows on March 15 and April 19. Visit Processus online for details.
Jamie Knowlton, Yes Ma'am Projects
Jamie Knowlton, Will You Be Coal, or Will You Be Waves
Yes Ma’am Projects
March 18 through April 15, by appointment only
Opening reception, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday, March 18

Yes Ma’am Projects debuts a new home gallery space with a MoP show from former Denverite Jamie Knowlton, who now lives in Portland. A zine-maker, videographer and experimental-film artist in addition to being a photographer, Knowlton will show large-scale nudes, some covered with patches of Mylar or plant parts, commenting on humanness and our place in the natural — and unnatural — world. Yes Ma’am is open only by appointment and for the opening reception; either way, e-mail for the gallery address and to arrange a visit or RSVP.
click to enlarge A photographic banner at PlatteForum. - GEORGE P. PEREZ
A photographic banner at PlatteForum.
George P. Perez
George P. Perez and ArtLab
Pictorial Vexillography, Concerns in Different Regularities
March 18 through April 1
Opening reception, noon to 2 p.m. Saturday, March 18

George Perez works in the outer limits of the realm of photography, but with an installationist’s broad eye, all of which he brought to PlatteForum as a resident artist/mentor with ArtLab, a student program for teens. The result is Pictorial Vexillography, a series of flags imprinted with student photography making statements about both the public and the personal. As always, PlatteForum gives power to young voices, while Perez, as the mentor, follows through with the physical evidence. Bravo!
click to enlarge Charlotte Thurman, "At Every Time, " installation view. - CHARLOTTE THURMAN, LEISURE GALLERY
Charlotte Thurman, "At Every Time, " installation view.
Charlotte Thurman, Leisure Gallery
Charlotte Thurman, At Every Time
Leisure Gallery, 555 Santa Fe Drive
Exhibition and performance, March 31

Artist-run Leisure opens its doors for a one-night pop-up exhibit and performance by New Mexico multimedia artist Charlotte Thurman, a giant in the new-media installation biz. Photography is just one tool in the kit Thurman uses to create immersive environments (among other things, she is a staff member at the Meow Wolf interactive art complex in Santa Fe, as well as co-producer of the feminist zine Life Raft), but her command of visual media places her firmly within the forward-looking 2017 MoP theme of “Between the Medium.”
click to enlarge Richard Alden Peterson, "The Ramones." - RICHARD ALDEN PETERSON
Richard Alden Peterson, "The Ramones."
Richard Alden Peterson
Richard Alden Peterson
Curtis Arts and Humanities Center
April 3 through April 28, 2017
Opening reception, 6 to 8 p.m. April 8

Richard Alden Peterson has a pedigree harking back to San Francisco’s mid-’70s punk scene, where he shot pictures for the seminal zine Search and Destroy, collaborated with Bruce Conner and caught incendiary pop stars like Deborah Harry, Joey Ramone, David Byrne and Iggy Pop in the act of being themselves. In the present, he’s still snapping portraits of artists for MCA Denver and serving as a mover and shaker in the artist community. Peterson will share decades of personal adventures in photography in this solo at Curtis Arts.
click to enlarge Chuck Forsman, "Drought." - CHUCK FORSMAN
Chuck Forsman, "Drought."
Chuck Forsman
Chuck Forsman, Hard Seasons
Mr. Pool Gallery, 2347 South Street in Boulder
April 15 through May
Opening reception, 5 to 9 p.m. Saturday, April 15

Veteran Colorado artist Chuck Forsman is an aficionado of personal Western landscapes, both as a painter and as a photographer, but he’s often focused as well on the misuse of that landscape from human encroachment. Hard Seasons elicits the slow evidence of climate change in terms of three themes: fire, flood and drought.

For a complete rundown of Month of Photography 2017 exhibitions and events, visit MoP online.
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