More balls than you: Kite surfers launch over pier

Kite surfing might seem totally out of place here in Colorado, what with our lack of any discernible oceans, waves, banana boats, etc. But Dillon actually hosts Colorado Kite Force, one of the most respected places to learn how to kite surf -- on frozen lakes. As soon as Dillon Reservoir safely freezes, they'll begin hosting instructional courses on kite skiing and kite snowboarding.

Until then, you can experience the outer limits of the sport on water as practiced by wily Brits. English kite surfers Lewis Crathern and "Big Air Master" Jake Scrace (nice title, mate) used 40 mph winds and fierce offshore conditions near Worthing, England to launch clear over a pier. By my estimate, they get at least 80 feet off the deck. Watch the video above.

Did anybody else's stomach drop? With just a slight miscalculation, and they would've ended up like this guy:


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