Who wouldn't want this coat from Potential Fahions?

More Fashion Overload: In the Designer's Own Words

Tricia Hoke from Potential Fashions posted this in the comments section, but I don't want anyone to miss it. All Cat can say is, Amen, sister. It would be really nice if Denver would step up and support the local artists -- whether it be fashion, visual, performing, literary, whatever. We have real talent here, but Denver has always had this odd inferiority complex; we don't accept anything homegrown as having worth until it's gone out to a coast and come back. It's like people think there is magic fairy dust out there that suddenly makes everything cool. Cat loves, loves, loves New York, and loved, loved, loved living there, but you're not issued glam powder upon arrival -- just an insanely high-priced apartment.

Anyway, from Tricia:

I think one of the biggest reasons we do so many shows is that well one... we want to sell stuff, and for as popular and as much a denver says they love us... (I know deb can attest to this as well) our bottom line hasn't changed.

I would love for denver to step up and support us by really supporting us and buying our goods and wearing them. I can't tell you how many times I have been told that our $60.00 hand-made mini skirts are too expensive by someone wearing an $80.00 Abercrombie ripped up pair of jeans that every one else in america has.

Another reason we do it is because of the scene... Sometimes I feel like since we are the leaders we need to step up all of the time and prove over and over that there is a scene here. I always try to suggest other people to be in the shows too... but sometimes I think that the standards are always the people who are willing to work their asses off and show up on time.

I want to stop comparing ourselves to new york, and LA... we are denver. we are different. The people here are stylish, but they are also sporty and fun. Why can't we not have a scene that is represenative of us.

I'm sick of saying... well its just denver.

I am not going to any more.

It's time to step up and create ourselves already!

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