More of the Same: Project Runway Recap

In anticipation of tomorrow night’s new episode of Project Runway (looks like there will be drama, drama, drama!), here’s a quick recap of last week’s antics:

In a challenge that Heidi Klum described as “thwee designers reinterpreting thwee outdated looks,” teams set out to make over the poodle skirt, overalls, shoulder pads and other fashion no-nos of the past.

With groups of disparate personalities working so closely, we were guaranteed some drama. Personalities revealed themselves — yes, we already knew that Ricky was whiny and prone to cry at the drop of a hat, but who could have guessed just how bitchy Victorya could be? And we all had a sense that Jillian had a signature style, but who knew how well it would lend itself to this challenge?

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Sean Cronin